Since we introduced individual slide recording on VideoMakerFX 1.1, some of our users have been getting Error 1 due to conflicts with per slide audio and our native voice over recording option or the Second Audio Track under Audio Settings.

If you intend to record a voice over for the whole project in one take, you will have to enable Second Track and record your voice over while the slide previews. and click on apply.

If you select this option, please note that you should never record a voice over on the individual slide as this will cause Error 1 on some systems. 

However, if you are getting sync issues with audio and the video using Second Track Voice-over, we recommend the per slide voice-over instead. 

Before recording an individual slide voice-over, be sure Second Track Voice Over from Audio settings is unchecked.

If you want to keep the Second Track audio recording instead of per slide voice over, be sure to press the Clear button on the Audio Tab of each slide where you recorded voice over on and put a check on Second Track instead.