Usually, this problem is caused by failing to save a project which basically leaves you with a blank project. Please note that pressing the "Export Project" button will only export the project to a video file but will not automatically save it. Please remember to press the "Save As" button before closing VideoMakerFX.

The best way to check if you have a blank project is to:

  1. Right click on the project file (.prj file).
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Check the file size. 

  4. If the file size is less than 1 KB, you have a blank project.

If the file size is more than 1 KB, that means you have at least one slide show up. If there is none, you might be encountering these issues:

  1. Images, Music or Videos Added to the Project May Have Been Moved, Renamed or Deleted. This is a usual issue for old projects. At some point, the images, videos, may have already been modified or trashed causing the project file not to load at all when opened. Please ensure that media to be imported to the project is kept in one dedicated folder for easy management. If you cannot put back the imported media on the location or with the file names that they used to have, you might have to recreate the project.
  2. Slides Used for the Project is Not Installed on the Computer. This is happens mostly for those who purchased the add-on slides and usually happens when the computer has been reformatted or the slide files have been moved to a different location or becomes corrupted causing it to be inaccessible. This is a rare case. To fix it, just re-install the slides and project file would soon load up.