There are several reasons why a video export process hangs up.

Over the months of providing customer support for VideoMakerFX, we found out that these reasons are generally caused by the user's computer configuration.

We are often asked why the problem with exporting crops up when it used to work before. The answer lies in AUTOMATIC UPDATES. Even if you have not made changes to your machine, your Operating System and your security software products do have a default feature for automatic updates to keep your machine from running new vulnerabilities like viruses, trojans, worms and what not. These automatic updates embed new codes to the computer's registry, a place where instructions on how to run certain applications on your machine are kept.

These changes often impacts the run-time or operation of certain software applications that use machine resources heavily for processing like VideoMakerFX.

Before anything else, kindly ensure that you are using the most recent version of VideoMakerFX which is version 1.1.

If you are uncertain as to what version you are using, kindly follow this link to know what version of VideoMakerFX you are using.

Here are the top reasons for these errors and how to troubleshoot them:

  1. Antivirus Interrupting Export. Disable the antivirus for just 10 to 15 minutes and try exporting your file again.
  2. File Name Error. VideoMakerFX can only accept file names with letters and numbers for the exported mp4 file. If your file name has special characters, click on browse and edit the file name from the menu.
  3. Output Directory Issues. You also may try changing the Export Directory. Click on Browse on the Export project menu and select another folder to export the project to.
  4. Added Image is too Large. Images you imported to the project may be larger than 1200x780 pixels which causes a problem when the software compresses it on export. In this case, kindly scale down the image size to 1200x780 pixels.
  5. Added Video is Longer than 30 Seconds. It is important to note that the Video Clip Supporting Slide can only accommodate a video clip that is 30 seconds long or less. Adding a longer one would trigger an error on export.
  6. Audio Issue. If you selected/imported a music file, go to Audio settings and change the currently selected track with another music from the list on the left then change it back to the file you selected first.
  7. Mac Permission Problem. Kindly (1) go to your Applications Folder, (2) right click on the VideoMakerFX icon, (3) Click the "Get Info" option and (4) that all users have "Read/Write permissions" on the box at the bottom part of the new screen that popped up. You might have to click on the padlock icon to unlock the editing of this settings. Also, be sure you are logged in as the administrator of your machine.