If you’re Unable To Download OTO Or VideoMakerFX Software then read below:

1. Here are the few steps that you can try. If you can’t see any option to download then go to step 2.

  • Clear browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Try downloading using a different browser.
  • Login into your member’s area and access these links:

Windows: http://www.videomakerfx.com/members/content/f/id/2/

MAC: http://www.videomakerfx.com/members/content/f/id/3/

2. If you are able to access your member’s area but you can’t see anything to download. Look at the screenshot below:


  • That means, you have purchased ONLY the OTO and did NOT purchased the main software (ie VideoMakerFX). In such case, you have to purchase the main software VideoMakerFX from our site, www.videomakerfx.com.
  • Else, you have purchased the OTO and the main software but from a different email address or accounts. In such case, we will merge both the accounts. To do so, provide us your First Name, Last name, both the email addresses, your transaction IDs, and Paypal email addresses. Let us know which email address you want to keep in your main account.