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Is VideoFX dead?

All the posts here are two years old. My login doesn't work. Support does not respond. What is wrong? 

I have the same question. I can not get any response from them and the software I have no longer works.

Sucks that JVZoo allows this to happen I guess I won't be buying anything especially when lifetime is not honored. 

I've upgraded my mac OS to Monterey and can no longer open the application. I created a support ticket. They actually responded quickly and it stated I needed to update my application. The most current version is 1.1 which is what I had already. It is still not recognized by my system. I also recently purchased the new WOW Backgrounds and animations that are supposed to work within Videomaker FX... I hope they do if I can get the application working on the new system. If not, I certainly hope there will be a refund for all the affiliated products I purchased to enhance the Videomakerfx original application. I am hoping that the tech team can just do a quick update so the software will continue to work with the new operating systems...or throw in an online or cloud version for us to use.

Be very wary of anything promoted by JVZoo, WarriorPlus,, and others. They are just the marketers and a large number of the promotions are for products that are cash-and-run. 

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