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MAC update???

Please remove the description on your sales page if you are not planning to make your product work for the MAC latest update Catalina, very frustrating.  You have a great product, but it is now useless to me as you have not updated to keep up with the latest operating system! 


Looks like I'm not alone in this request with same issue being requested as fix over many many months ago!

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Are you going to update the software to make it work on the new Mac M1 with Big Sur?

Are you going to update the software? Please respond.

Yes, what they said about M1 and Big Sur. Are you going to update and how can I download it? Thanks in advance!

Well folks, I just run into the update problem as well. June 15, 22.

I wrote them a support ticket. Then I decided to click on the link for their

website at the bottom of the software. Their link was forwarded over to CREATE STUDIO software.

So with all honesty, I don't see an update coming any time soon and that's too bad.

Such great ease of use software. I even brought various templates. So I'm going to create and download as much as I can so I can upgrade my mac. Very sad!!!


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