January 2018 ProThemes Package

Hello, ProThemes Members! We have now released Your January 2018 Templates. It Contains Slide On A Variety of Topics and More. A total of 80 Slides. Enjoy!!!

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soy nueva disculpa como los descargo?

I have been a lifetime member of VideoMaker FX since 2015 and have been wondering why my Protheme Videos just stopped, and the monthy fee I was being charged stopped at the same time. I kept going back to the Videomaker FX members area to see if any other ProThemes were being released. I assumed that no more were being made. Tonight I accidentally stumbled on this support area where I see that there have been some yearly releases. What can I do to obtain these releases since 2015?  I really like Videomaker FX and want to stay current with my ProThemes.


where's the link to login?  I can never find it.


where to download these new slides


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