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Video Making

Hello folks,

Hope you guys can guide me in the right direction. So I purchased this software to make videos.Duh! I saw a video that was made on the white board for a roofing company and the hand is drawing the house and family along with some words. I wanted to do the same thing. can any body guide me in the right direction to finding this video but also on how I can replicate the look? thanks in advance

Hi Wadner, was the video made from the slides of VMFX software? Or was it from an outside software? Do you have the link to the video for us to see?

Thanks sheen 

Just found it

Im making a video for home owners looking to do home construction. would vmfx soft ware help me?


Hi Wadner, I saw the video. Unfortunately, we don't have a premade templates like that. You can only choose to use the default templates that is already on the VMFX software to create your videos. Please note that it's purely designed for video creation and not for editing videos. Thanks!

could i make the same effects as the video with this software? again thanks for your help

Unfortunately, not since the effects that comes with the slides are default also and can't be edited or modified.

Sheen you have been very helpfull, is there any slides with homes?

Yes, I believe there are.

VideoMakerFX cannot connect to verify your log-in details. Ensure you are connected to the Internet and that no firewall or anti-virus is blocking VideoMakerFX from connecting to the Internet. Ensure to set a rule or disable your Firewall / Anti-Virus to allow VideoMakerFX to connect

If your login credentials work on the Members Area but you are getting an error when logging into the software, a security software on your computer is probably blocking connection to the authentication server.

In this case, we advise our customers to set their security software, specially the firewall, to allow the program to connect to the Internet or temporarily disable the software to see if it solves the login problem.

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