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LOL -Well folks the video for this product is quite misleading ??

I'm blown away at the money racket going on here..Shouldn't you have stated in the video that it is definitely a complete solution if you purchase a ton more items? I've read through some questions as well and the functions seem extremely limited...I really hope you guys plan on ramping this software up..I'm also glad I only lost 45$

HI Robert, 

VideoMakerFX is a stand alone software for creating videos. it includes defaults templates that you can use in creating videos. Our developers are currently working on a new upragde to it but we can't give you an ETA of when it will be release and available. We're pretty sure that it will be soon.

No offense but I think you need to restructure your advertisements of this product...I do not see how this is a standalone product as it basically offers very minimal ways in editing these templates.. I possess lots of software programs for editing and creating video, animations and as well development..The clinger with your advertising for me was the whiteboard effects...These are useless as they are preset with characters that cant be changed easily for someone that doesn't have the skill to do so...Most of these characters can't possibly be used in advertising production for most companies we deal with...These effects are also "childish". However I am now spammed daily reminding me of your other "products" that are "all you need" to create fantastic videos...I thought that this program was the end all be all according to your ads ? Your developers would have to scrap this and rebuild to even catch up with todays software

Thank you for your feedback, Robert. The VideoMakerFX has its limitations and you can only create videos using the default templates that is included in the software. It's purely design for creating short videos, not for editing videos. We will forward your feedback to our slide developers. We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

Once again - your ads are very misleading for this product as well... I think it wise if you remove these ads and rephrase them so others coming in understand that this is indeed an extremely limited video creating software and in no way comaparable to real video creating softwares

Has this even been updated to support full HD? 

It only supports to a maximum of 1280 x 720 HD resolution. Thanks!

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