January 2017 ProThemes Package

Hello, ProThemes Members! We have now released Your January 2017 Templates. It Contains Slides Titles, Outsourcing and Kinetic Typography and More. A total of 80 Slides. Enjoy!!!


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Hi guys! Can you guys help me how to find the way to download this templates?

I'm a ProThemes Member.



Hi Marcelo, we have already responded to the ticket that you sent. Have a great day!

their are no linkto this templates where can i download this thanks 

Hi Anne, you can download the ProThemes templates once you subscribed to the ProThemes Add On Membership subscription. Please check out the information below:

- ProThemes Add On Membership: http://www.videomakerfx.com/specialpt

It has an initial cost of $37 for the 100+ scenes and $27 recurring cost each month for the 50+ new scenes

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