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are there any free themes

hi guys just bought the software today, it is a very good program but lacks in themes

i thought their was a lot more, ok so i thought buy the theme pack then i seen $37 dollars well that was ok until i further read into it for a month? then $27 a month so in theory we dont own the program at all only whats in it lol  seems the best has been left out  thats what i gather makes business sense to make more profit, already i know my way around the program whats in it and i have run out of story lines and thats already, not once during the promotion on the videos did i hear you have to pay monthly for more themes i mean i have cable and phone connected here in the uk for £16 a month rental  why you can not selL the themes for an all out price i dont know

Hi Anne,

The only free themes that we have are the default templates that comes with the software. Here are the add ons you can purchase:


- ProThemes Add On Membership:  

It has an initial cost of $37 for the 100+ scenes and $27 recurring cost each month for the 50+ new scenes

- Previous ProThemes Release Access:

One time payment of $97. It includes additional 400+ slides for the previous months

- ProThemes Pack (One time offer for one time payment):

One time payment of $37 for the 100+ scenes

- VideoProfitFX (One time offer for one time payment):

One time payment of $37. It includes 50+ video profit scenes, a Lead Finder Software, and VideoProfitFX training guide on how to use it on PDF format.

Please choose what you want to purchase.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

ok thanks sheen

You're welcome, Anne.

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