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Portrait videos?


I would like to know if only landscape videos are allowed, or also vertical format portrait videos for digital signage are able to be done with videomakerfx. If so, are also available templates?



Hi Antonio,

If you want to import a video, the resolution should not exceed over 1280 x 720. You can try vertical format videos as long as it can fit on the slide. Thank you!

Hi Sheen, thanks for your answer.

Can I use, or does it exist templates in vertical format? I have to create contents for 1080x1920, but all templates or slides I see are horizontal. If so, where could I find them?

Thanks so much.


Hello Antonio, please  note that the maximum video resolution of the video that you can import to the video slides should not exceed over 1280 x 720, therefore, the video with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 won't work. You can import a vertical video as long as the resolution does exceed the maximum. Thank you!

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