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New animations/slides??

Guys I've got to ask, when are new animations and better characters going to come along? 

vmfx  was ok when it came out but now the stuff thats on there is really old hat and the characters look cheap!! 

 Hi Jim,

We apologize for the inconvenience.

However, you can subscribe to the ProThemes Monthly package, try out the themes yourself, then if it doesn't suit/fit your needs, you can always avail of the 30-day money back guarantee.

Thank you.

 We are constantly releasing new slides every month. 

You can subscribe to the monthly ProThemes subscription by going to the link below:

This software is basically way beyond the times...Downloaded today after watching the ad video of videomakerFX...Come from much better software but figured I'd give this a whirl..Who really wants to subscribe monthly to your themes packages when what is seen is utterly horrible..My apologies for laying it out there so bluntly but this is seriously a huge disappointment..We have so many software programs in this day and age that can do much more realistic ads than this..Your whiteboard templates - no way to change or edit and not many actually need Sarah under the hand when we are creating ads for businesses...I believe this generic crap was created solely as a way to make others have to purchase much more..The problem is that what they will purchase doesn't seem to be much better than what they downloaded...Somewhere I will find use for this possibly when I gain a childcare service client or cartoons


I'm talking about the characters and other images, they may have been ok a couple of years ago but not now. Why would I want to subscribe to the pro themes when I cant see what exactly has been done by way of videos etc?

Viewers expect to see better and vmfx has fallen behind, its as simple as that.

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