January 2016 ProThemes Package

Hello, ProThemes Members! We have now released Your January 2016 Templates. It Contains Cartoon Character Promo Slides, eBook Promo Slides, and Motion Titles Slides. A total of 104 Slides. Enjoy!!!

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And where is the link to download it?

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 Hi David,

The ProThemes packages can be downloaded from your Member's Area, access.videomakerfx.com.


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yes i like where i can download videomakerfx???

 Hi Hilman,

Download instructions will be provided once you purchase VideoMakerFX.

You can purchase via www.videomakerfx.com.


How can I see these images?

Hi Jim,

May I know what images are you referring to? Are you looking to see the preview before subscribing to ProThemes Addon Membership?

Hi, When I look at the monthly releases all I can see is a flat graphic, there are no videos as far as I can see to assess if vmfx is moving with or trying to get ahead of the trend??

Unfortunately at the moment the previews that we can provide is by using a screenshot of the ProThemes Slides. 

And you expect people to sign up to pro themes on that basis?

You've got to be kidding! 

Its ironic, here we have a business that exists to sell video and you can't put together a simple video to show new offerings?