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When will you create a template which supports video and a text overlay

Please create a template which allows us to add a text overlay to an imported video clip. This will add tremendous functionality to VideomakerFX. 

I see this as a big limitation for the product. Without it, Videomaker cannot really create a a video without exporting to Camtasia or some other product.

I really love Videomaker.

Thank you!

Thanks for your suggestion.

We'll gladly forward this to our Development Team.



Thank you for contacting us! We do have a template that supports video clips. We have the VIDEO - Video Clip Supporting Slides. As far as adding a text overlay to, the software doesn't have that feature yet. We appreciate your comments and suggestions but the software has it's own limitations and this is just one of the things that the software is not capable of doing at the moment. It's different from Camtasia and other software since the software focuses mainly on creating videos and not more on editing videos. We only have the templates that we have and our add ons for now. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Please create a template to have a video played at one side and text on the other side, i.e. the video should not take up the entire screen but only 3/4 or so allowing for some text being displayed next to the video.
Specifically, I would like to use such a feature for transcript display, so the text should be animated in some sort.
Thanks and regards,


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