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Doubts related to VideoMakerFX


It seems VideoMakerFX is really good and easy to use for beginners.

I had few doubts, if i want to buy VideoMakerFX+ProThemes, what would be the total cost of the purchase ?

ii) Do you have some themes related to Wishing Birthday to Friends ?

iii) For Pro themes, can i see list of characters that are available ? I am basically looking for a Fat Guy and between 2 friends.

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Thanks for the message.

VideoMakerFX costs $67. The ProThemes Membership costs $37 for initial purchase and then $27 monthly fee every month.

For your other queries:

ii) Unfortunately we don't have any themes related to Birthdays. Most of the themes we have are centered around marketing and advertisements.

For faster replies to your queries, we recommend that you send us a Support Ticket instead at  If you send us an email message, we can send you a preview of the ProThemes Packages for the previous months.

Thank you.

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