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Special PTL?


Like many people I've been waiting for this much spoken about VMFX updates but I want to try to make some more videos in the meantime.

I don't want to pay monthly for themes a I probably will never use but I see you offer 100 themes that you can pay $37 for.

My question is; I'm interested in estate agent/realtor, property themes, how many of these are in the 100 themes I would buy??

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Hi Jim,

We do apologize for the really late reply.

If you're referring to the ProThemes Package ($37 one time payment), it doesn't contain any Real Estate themes.

However, the VideoProfitFX Package ($37 one time payment with bonus Lead Finder Software) has 10 slides attributed for the Real Estate niche.

VideoProfitFX (10 Slides)

Alternatively, several packages for the ProThemes monthly packs include Real Estate Slides

Please refer to the screenshots below:

ProThemes September 2014 (20 Slides):

ProThemes February 2015 (20 Slides):

If you subscribe to the ProThemes Monthly package, you'll get the February Package 2015 up to the recent one, then you'll just have to pay the $27 next month.

You can purchase the Membership package here:

However, for the January 2015 and previous ProThemes Package, they'll need to be purchased separately and you'll get the packages from May 2014 to January 2015.  You can purchase it thru this link:

Please feel free to contact us back for further queries.


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