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Changing Order of Slides

I am trying to change the order of the slides. However, because there is no visible number order, when I try to slide the last slide to the correct spot, the slide disappeared!

Can someone assist me in an easy way to insert a new slide in the correct position?


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Hi Nqaueen,

Are you sure that the last slide disappeared? In order to rearrange the slides, all you have to do is to drag it to the correct way either left or right. You have to do this gently as the software is sensitive when it comes to this functionality. Thank you!

I was dragging it but I needed it to get near the beginning of the project and when I dropped it to slide the slider to the left, it was gone.

I clicked each slide and the one I added was no where to be found so I just duplicated one that was similar and closer to the beginning and added it that way.

But thanks for responding. Oh BTW, why can't I change the delay to 2 seconds? I can only go up.


Thank you for responding! We can't decrease the time duration on a side because VMFX doesn't have that feature yet. We can only increase the slide delays on a slide.

Oh okay. Thanks.

You're welcome, Naqueen!

I'll put another vote in for changing the duration of slides, making them briefer. In an ideal design, each of the elements (text, image boxes, etc.) would have a control where we could adjust how quickly it comes into the slide after the previous element.

If not, I'd at least like to be able to decrease the overall time the slide shows in the screen.

Hi Tim,

That would be a great feature but for now that it not possible for the software yet. It doesn't have the ability to decrease the overall time the slide shows in the screen. However, we can make a request to our slides developers to note on some short slides also. We can't give you an ETA for these. Hopefully, it will be available in the future. Thanks!

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