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Lining up video with voiceover

I've recently created my first video which was really easy.

I then went to do the voiceover and it just wouldn't record.

So I decide to record it separately.  I set up audacity to record the voiceover, set up play on my presentation and talked through it.

But then when i uploaded the mp3 to my presentation and exported it.  The timing is completely out.

How do I solve this, anyone good at lining up the timings?



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What is the status of this issue??  This has been unfixed for waaay too long!!

The slide by slide feature is in super slow motion which makes doing voice overs impossible

As of the latest version, 1.1, we added a slide by slide voice over feature which you can access at the last tab of each slide's control panel located at the right side of the slide preview.

You can click on the record button to record a voice over for the given slide and for that slide alone. This gives you more accurate sync.

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Any updates on improving the voice over capabilities yet?

Do you have a tutorial on 1.1 and the voice over capabilities? I'm trying to make this work and it's very spotty.


With this last update of 1.1 I found my first voiceover worked flawlessly. So it appears that your updates worked and worked great. Did anyone else notice this? I would like to know how everyone else is doing with their voiceovers and if they are lining up the way they should. 


Morris (Murph) Murphy


Slide by slide voice over is now available on VideoMakerFX 1.1

If you have any questions, kindly submit a Support Ticket so we can better assist you.


Myself too I am very concern about "voice over".
I would love VMKX to have an easy way to record the voice over and to cincronise with the slites.
Please, keep us informed of the date that it will be done, if possible?
Thank you very much.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the message.

We'll post any announcement on the Member's Area regarding the next VideoMakerFX Update.

Please bear with us for the meantime.



Hi John, what's the status of this? Doing voice over videos is my primary interest.


Thanks for the message.

Voice recording has some issues on VideoMakerFX and it's already part of the update we're working on.

To at least synchronize the timing, you can use the Slide Delay function which add duration to the slide time so you can match up the slides with your voice recording.

You may also submit a Support Ticket for further queries.

Thank you.