November ProThemes

Hey, ProThemes Members! November ProThemes have already been released and are available on your members area. :) Simple and Usable Across A Wide Variety of Niches/Products/Businesses – Smooth Professional Kinetic Typography & Whiteboard Slides Make Up This Month’s Package!

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Only 3 sets this month?  Disappointing...

Hi Nancy,

The ProThemes Membeship technically grants you 50+ "slides" per month. No matter how they are grouped in a theme, you still get 50+ slides per month.

This month, we released 3 Themes, which in total, contains over 60+ slides.  Sorry to hear that you're disappointed but we do feel we have fulfilled this month's release of the ProThemes Package.

Thank you for understanding.



Hate to say it but I kind of agree.  Not that there is only three but more so that it is a pretty blah release.  Many of the same kind of slide over and over.  Hopefully not a sign of things to come.  I know in the voting survey that most people wanted local business themes like the Real Estate one, hopefully they'll work more toward that end in the future.

I think I mentioned that we need to see more characters of color here and also additional music if possible. My clientele are from all over the world and would be nice to be able to offer a little more.  Thanks!

Hello, we will do our best to give you, our members, the best and useful templates that you can use in your video creation. Rest assured that our slide developers are busy on researching and developing new and awesome templates for the ProThemes Membership. Thanks!

What exactly is theWebinarBonusTheme?



Hi Yancey, if you have attended the Previous Webinars before, just send us a ticket so we can assist you. Thanks!

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