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Automatic start

Hi, is there a way that I can export a video, and on my site it will start automaticaly..


Hi Klamort, once a project is exported, it will not start automatically. You have to double click or play the MP4 video (exported video) manually to watch it. It's not possible for it to start automatically. Thank you.

It IS possible to make the video run automatically on your web site.

You can easily write a script that will do the job.

Consult the "Help" files in your web site construction software.

Here's an example: Just a test page

Thank you for the suggestion!

Once a project is exported to MP4, you have to manually play it using any video player that you have. What you are suggesting is great. We will forward this to our developers but we can't give you an ETA as it will be up to them. Hopefully it will be available possibly in the future. Thanks!

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