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When Will the November ProThemes be Released?

 Looking forward to the next ProThemes pack

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I have the same question.  We are heading into the second week of November now.  When can we expect the prothemes for November?

Also waiting for the Prothemes november. I wrote earlier about the communication. You absolutily have the do beter in communication. I pay for the Prothems every month. You do that on time. So sent me a mail when I can expect the prothemes of that month. So I don't need to go and seek for it every day and wait if it is on. You gone lose me if you don't change communcation., Same with updates, why do we costumers always have to ask, Why don't you keep us informed without we having to ask eveytime! I'm a very busy person, I don't want to lose time, asking the same questions again and again month after month.


The ProThemes Packages are always released on or before the end of the second week of the month. Though there are sometimes a delay of two if the end of the month falls on the weekend.

Rest assured that we do release the ProThemes packages as soon as we receive them from the Developers.