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Creating Many/Multiple Videos From a Project


I believe this would be of benefit to many people using this great program! It would be a great enhancement!

I would like to create multiple videos based on a template project that I create. And in the project itself, I will have placeholders for keywords, then I can "feed" VideoMakerFX a spreadsheet containing the keywords to replace the placeholders.

Here's a use case: I create a project with slides and text. Then take this project and create placeholders for keywords I want to replace. I will then take a spreadsheet (or some other filetype) with keywords to use in the videos. It does not have to replace all the slides keywords, just were I place my placeholders. Once file has been "fed" into VideoMakerFX, the app will generate multiple videos based on the number of keyword rows in the file.

Also, the file will contain the keyword(s) that will be the name of the videos once exported.

Is this possible for a future release? It could greatly increase the amount of videos created in a short amount of time.


- Jes

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I totally agree Jes. Thank you for submitting your request.

This would be a fantastic feature and I personally know hundreds of current Video FX Maker members who would benefit from this.

Looking forward to a reply on this idea.



Bumping this...


I wanted to add changing the audio in each export as well.


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