October ProThemes Now Available

October ProThemes is already released and available on your members area. Just download and install the file on your machines. This month we focus on Kinetic Typography, Business Presentations, Modern Iconography & More! A total of 89 slides!

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Hi Sheen,

where can I download the new ProThemes?

Hi Thomas, you can download the ProThemes monthly templates on your members area. You will need to log in first on this link: http://access.videomakerfx.com/ and click on the ProThemes Add On Membership tab to download and install the file depending on your machine (Windows or Mac).

Thanks, but I dont see only the point "ProThemes Add" On Membership. See at the appachment.


Hi Thomas,

Kindly send us a support ticket request and kindly include your username and the email address you have for the account so we can further check.


hai..sheen..how i can't acces to my VMfx??

Hi Fitri,

Please submit a trouble ticket to support regarding this issue so that it can be resolved asap. Thanks!

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