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when to expect prothemes october


when do I get the october prothemes? It would be very nice if you would give some information about when we can expect prothemes. It is easy, just sent us an email a week before they are ready and when we get them,  and put a post on the prothemes website about it. Now I have to go to the site every day to see if the are there. 

It doen't feel nice that I get a paypal bill every month and when I get the bill I go to the site and the prothems aren't there yet. It´s all about communication to keep your customers happy! I like VideomakerFX very much, but I get pissed sometimes about the lack of communication. Seems that a lot of people who sell stuff online talk about how to use it in videomakerFX, and the fooks of VideomakerFX we don´t hear about what they are doeing and when the will deliver updates and prothemes for the membership. Show us that VideomakerFX is alive!

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Hi Wilco,

October templates will be release and will be available on your members area tomorrow, Monday, the 13th. We are testing and finalizing all templates at the moment. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

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