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Slide Delay Not Working - Please Help!

For example if you look at the "Background Effect" that's to the right of the "Slide Delay' you'll see that when you change the numbers from 1-24 effects, the animation changes immediately.

Yet when I change the seconds on the "Slide Delay" nothing happens and all the slides/animation is appearing too fast to be read.

I tried exporting the work to mpg and everything came out in 1-2 seconds, just way to fast for anyone to read.

Anybody having similar problems?

I will try uninstalling the software and reinstalling it again.



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Hi Alex, 

If the issue hasn't been resolved after un-installing and installing back the software, please get back to us. Would it be alright with you if we will assist you through screen sharing via Ammyy? We would like to fix this issue or at least provide a resolution to it.

Please download and run this on your machine: Once done, provide to us the ID code. Please specify a date and time when you are available for the session.

Please get back to us asap or send us a trouble ticket.

Hi Folks,
Did this get resolved?
I can't see the "Slide Delay" feature at all on my Essentials Whiteboard theme.

I find that slides finish before all of the text has been 'hand-drawn'.

Anyone else found a workaround please?



Hi Vinden,

Not all slides have the "Slide Delay" option. There are some slides where it is available and there are some slide where it's not available too. Just make sure that when you make changes on a slide delay on a certain project, you will save it before you export it. Please confirm if this works out. If not, please submit a trouble ticket so that we can assist you through remote access or screen sharing.

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