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Is anyone making money selling videos ?

Is anyone having any problems selling videos ?

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Hi Ken, you might also want to post your question on our FB Group. We have lots of active members there who can advise you on your questions.

Facebook Group:

Click on Join and we will accept you immediately.

I am joining in too in FB..

I no longer have a tech support person right now and he did my slides that I have done with Video fx can you tell me how to use the whiteboard noneof my text will appear is there a written tutoritialany where?

Great, Marilou. Just send a request and we will accept it on the Facebook Group.

Is the answer to that question on the facebook page?


Hi there,

The question is really subjective and we won't be able to directly answer that.  You can, instead, ask the members on the Facebook page and I'm pretty sure they'll be able to answer your question. :)

Have a great day ahead.

Thanks. I was just curious.


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