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RE: VideoProfitFX July 13 14 Purchase: The VideoMaker Download Access Site for upgrade not working?

Sunday, July 13, '14, 7:45am CST


I just purchased the $37 upgrade: VideoProfitFX

However, when I put my email address and the password assigned to me, a default says

that my information is incorrect.

Please advise asap how I can rectify this problem, so that I execute the download of my

VideoProfitFX purchase.

Thank you.

Geary Morales


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Hi Geary,

You need to log in to your members area first and then click on "VideoProfitFX Start Here: Downloads." You will find three part instructions. First is to download the VideoProfitFX themes. Download and install it on your machine. You can check the themes if they were added by opening your VideoMakerFX software. Click on "Add Slides" and you will see them added together with the other existing themes.

For your reference, click below to check the themes for VideoProfitFX.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

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