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Is there a way to customize the color of core slides?

 Let's say I like an entire theme set except the color, and I want to change it to my own hex code.  Is there a method for duplicating a set of slides and changing the hex color, or, changing (like modifying the CSS) the standard color? 

I'll never use RED as a background, for instance, so this eliminates an entire theme group I'd otherwise find useful.

Thank you for your post!

Background color can be easily changed. Like for the Basic Bold Theme > Slide 1, you can change the background color by just clicking on the Shape Tab and choose the color you want by clicking on Shape BG. You will have the option to change the background color this way. I have attached a screen shot. Please check it out.

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I didn't notice that (obviously)!  Very nifty, thank you so much.  You're the best help, Sheen


It is our pleasure to be of help..