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How to access any of this??

Anybody know how to access the software or get hold of anybody??? No login details sent to me so I have emailed the support email address also the "can't login" email address. Sent them receipt copies etc etc but absolutely nothing in return??

Definitely not got any response and have nothing in spam folders for sure.

Saw comment in one forum that these people may not be trading anymore? :-( 

Any advice appreciated?



Hi Shani,

Please send us an email at with the relevant details, JVZoo purchase receipt, so we can further guide you on the installation and further help.

Thank you

Same happened yo me just now. Please can i have a reply on this. Ive just paid so much money, i have the reciept as well. no email with login details were recieved.



Hi Steve,

We have already answered your Support Request. 

Please feel free to contact us back for further queries.

Thank you.

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