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Countlessssss Bugs. Fix It please


I am not able to export the video after I build the slides in my project. And the other day I tried to purchase pro themes pack, but I throws up an error. Nobody is able to resolve this error. I wanted to buy the pro themes pack along with the software. I was successfully able to purchase the software but not the pro themes pack along with it. Thats like buying a Ferrari with no Engine. Yep, its a Ferrari, but got no engine. It does not work, its just sits there and costs me money.

Is it only me? or anyone else here face a truck load of bugs and technical glitches in this software. I lost my cool on many occasions !

i have the same problems, i cannot export the video.

after 100% Loading there is happens nothing. I am not able to save the file anywhere.

Hi Fazal,

Please submit a trouble ticket to support with regards to this issue so a resolution can be provided. Please submit it asap.

Please help.. I am not able to export the video. My export button is not functioning.. 

I need to deliver this video immediately.. Please Help.. Contact me on +65-84941231

Hi Fazal, 

Would it be alright with you if we will assist you through screen sharing via Team Viewer? We would like to fix this issue.

Please download this, and install it on your PC. Once done, provide to us the ID and the password. Please specify a date and time when you are available for the session.

Please get back to us asap.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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