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videomakerfx leadfinder software


My name is René Andersen and I´m from Denmark. I concider to buy the lead finder software. But can I use the software to find business (without videos) in Denmark?

Best regards


Hi René,

Definitely! You can use the software to find businesses with videos in Denmark. The database is continually updated from a miriad of sources. It is one of the key databases that supply business directories and search engines. The Lead Finder software is one of the best sources to start from and find and pre qualify leads. You can purchase it here,

I would like to see the names of the cities and state separated into different columns in the csv file. Also would like to see a zip code added for each address.


At the moment, you need to manually separate it as once it is exported as a CSV file, it won't be separated. With regards to the zip code added for each address, we will treat this as a feature request. We have note this on our feature request logs and it will be forwarded to out developers. We can't give you an ETA as there will be no guarantee. Hopefully it will be available possibly in the future. Thanks!

I am aware that I must do this manually, as I have had to do in the past... was hoping that the "developers" could make a change so that we would not have to do it manually... Thanks!


We will forward this request to them also. Please note the same terms for your other request that we can't give an ETA as there will be no guarantee. Thanks!

Hi Sheen, this seems to be the only leadfinder thread the system finds: Do you have an idea why my leadfinder software no longer works?

So, it opens, and regardless for what I search, filter or not, cities, regardless, clicking search does NOTHING. Odd huh?

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