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Please use more professional-looking characters

By and large, VMFX is pretty good - especially for the price.

However, I can't use most of the character-based slides because they look hokey... especially the male characters with facial hair.

In future updates I'd like to see clean-shaven male characters, as well as female characters that look more business-like.

What does the forum think?

And PLEASE use a different reCaptcha box that is READABLE!

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Nick, we appreciate your feedback and suggestion!

We will log this on our suggestion log. Hopefully, we will be able to create more professional and business-like characters in the future as you have suggestion.

Have to agree, I need more professional characters, plus more choices otherwise all videos may look the same 

I would like more whiteboard videos where the characters are sketchout. there are only 2 plus the writing of words. when will they have more of these?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, we have enough character videooooooooooooos!  More kinetic text please!!?  I will NEVER use these people characters for anything!  THANK YOU!  Love this software!


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