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UK Images?

I've asked about this on a couple of strings but Thought I start a topic to ask the questions. 

For instance on my video at on slide 9 I need the image to have £ signs and not $'s as my market is the UK. 

The same applies to the pro themes and the database of companies that need video. I again would be interested in this but it would have to be UK driven? 



Hi Jim, I just created and posted a video on the FB page showing how to use Euro and other currency symbols in VMFX when using a Macintosh. If you use Windows, there will be a similar solution, but I don't know what that is as I don't use a PC. I'll insert the video here:

Jim - I just realised you had a non-clickable link in your question, so I've gone to your site and looked at the video -- looks good! And yes, now I see what you mean -- Slide 9 has money bags with $ signs on there.

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to edit this because it's part of a group of "actions" within the slide.

Go ahead and post a Support Question, and ask the experts. Perhaps even suggest they make two versions wherever the $ sign is used.  With over 40,000+ customers using VMFX, they will no doubt have others asking the same question :-)

Good luck!

Hi Jim,

Teena's actually correct. You won't be able to edit the currency sign on the slides. 

At the moment, users are unable to customize everything just yet.The slides that came with the software are all pre-made slides, editing them or adding your own is not available as of the moment. It's something that we're working on so please stay tuned for further updates.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests that you would want to see in the software in the future, just head on over to the link below and send over your suggestions to our developers:

Let me know if there's anything else I could assist you with.



Hey Jim, something you might consider is having some slides made with exactly what you want on them.

You can do this yourself, or have someone do it for you.

Then you'll be able to use any one of the numerous text slides and simply add your new image/s as the background -- a win-win solution, relatively quick and easy, and should be inexpensive.

The added beauty of this is that YOUR videos will be UNIQUE :-) No-one else on the planet will be able to use your slides.

Hope this helps,


Hi Teena, 

I had thought of doing this, as I know my way around fireworks or paint shop pro but the question is how do I actually get a hold of the slides? 


Sorry Jim -- not sure I know what you mean. 

If you have the software VMFX, you can see the slides.

If you'd like to create something similar, perhaps you can take a screenshot of a slide and then use that for inspiration?

If that's not what you mean, please do clarify.


These slides are made up of different images Teena, the cash bag is a single image in among others. You need access to all of the images in a particular slide to make changes. 

If this was done in something like paint shop it would be relatively easy to do but you need access to the different elements.


Hi Jim,

Just to be clear:

  • You can't edit the slides.
  • You can't edit part of the slides.
  • You can't download them, edit them, and re-upload them.
  • You can't use or "copy" any parts of the VMFX slides and "re-use" them -- that would be a breach of copyright.

You can however start from scratch, make your own similar "slides" (with your OWN images for which you have full copyright and licence to use) and then create a New Project using your own series of slides.

This is absolutely do-able and you'll end up with a unique video :-)

Hope this helps



Hi Teena,

You're absolutely right!

All those points are correct.



Are we going to get an updated VMFX version any time soon??

Hi Jim, 

Yes! Our developers are currently working on an update of the software. We can't give you an ETA of when it will be release but once it does, we will announce it on the members area. Hopefully it will be release pretty soon once done. Thank you!

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