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Tips: Knowing what slides I have available

I'd like a better way of knowing which slides I now have available than what I do now.

Now, I start a new project and go through all of the Slide Themes. For each of those themes, I click the "Add All Slides" button. I look at each slide and watch the animation. When finished, I click the "X" on every one of the slides to empty them out and on to the next slide theme.

This is functional, But. I'd like to see a different way of viewing all of the slides in some kind of folder or gallery. 

Because I'll receive new slide themes each month, I'd like a faster and eadsire way of scanning the theme choices.

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Hi Rodger,

If you have any suggestions or feature requests that you would want to see in the software in the future, just head on over to the link below and send over your suggestions to our developers:

Let me know if there's anything else I could assist you with.



Rodger, just go to the folder where all of your VideoMakerFx slides are saved and rename them to whatever you want. On my computer, it's in Program Files.

I've renamed the majority of my slides and the folder that holds them, also. So now, instead of just a number, my slide will say something like, Whiteboard man with piggy bank. It saves me a lot of time because I no longer have to click on each slide to preview what it is.

I also have copies of the original slide names. Not sure why I'd need them but I'm keeping them just in case.


Hi Rodger, several people have created documents with snapshots of all the Slides in them -- with their names -- and they're posted on the Facebook page.

At the top of the private Group page click on "Documents" to see what's available.

I've printed out my copies and keep them in a folder on my desk so I can easily see which Slide I want to use.

I have also created a spreadsheet with every video I make written down in one column. In the following columns I list each Slide Theme name, and then list the actual Slide Layout (each Theme can have several Layouts).

This helps if I want to make a similar video for a different client.


Hi Teena, 

You mentioned that the snapshots are on a Facebook page. What Facebook page? I searched but can't find it.

 I'd love to be able get to the documents you mentioned.



Hi Tom,

I believe the link is provided in one of the first emails you get when you buy the software.

Pop over to the VMFX Private Facebook Group page and click the button to "join" - you'll receive a notification when you've been added by the Moderators, who will check your name against the customer list I'm guessing:

See you over there!

Ditto. - Frank


I'm in. TYVM, Teena.

Cheers. - Frank


Hi Teena,

Yes!  I used your link and found the group. Thank you so much.


Excellent Tom! Both you and Frank should give me a shout when you're in -- I'm on the FB page right now :-)

 Hello, I only purchased just now, late!

Pl any chance you can provide your slide organization worksheets here?

Or at least somewhere outside fb? Obviously here where we purchase makes most sense.

I do  not purchase fb, never used it, and never will use it.

Pl pl put all those helpful worksheets where they belong: at the top: "Resources"

Which is empty(!) because Sheen confirmed that the only thing that was in there you canceled the agreement for...

Pl. put all into Resources here :-)

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