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How To Make Video In Different Niches!!

Hi there

I have checked out all the templates 

It is all set up mostly to promote your business products and services...

Are there not scenes for different niches personal improvement,weight loss, exercise etc

I came across this video below by videomakerfx

Am I missing the scenes?

Also are there any good tutorial videos out there


Hi there,

The theme on the video you've sent is the VideoProfitFX Dating - Love Promotion I theme.

It's part of the free themes included with the purchase of VideoProfitFX add on. For more information, please check the link below:

Thank you.

I'd be interested in VideoProfitFX but would need the software to find UK businesses and have UK images for instance £ instead of $'s etc...

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Agency theme - is there one?  Am attempting to use themes thru June edition, but nothing seems to fit properly.  Thank you


Hi Jim, lots of people on the Facebook group have used Standard slides for Real Estate videos which turned out great.

They used images of properties etc as "background" images, and used teh VMFX text to write overlays.

I've made some video tutorials and also shared those on FB.

Hope this helps


Hi Teena, 

I understand that but I'm just looking for some slides that will fit the UK market, or a way to change the graphics to suit, or add extra slides I'd make up?

I've seen a few video tutorials but are the one you talk about any different? 

Hi Jim-in-the-UK (there are 2 Jim's on this thread),

Yes you can absolutely create your own images and add them as "backgrounds" on many of the available Slides -- I've been doing this already and making mini Tutorials with snapshots.

You can choose Slides with no text flying in, or with text flying in or rolling over (like the Kinetic slides).

I've also been adding short soundless video "loops" as "backgrounds" which has been working well too.

The software is very flexible but it is not "editing" software, it is video "making" software and it does it very well for everything I've been doing so far.

Hope this helps, Jim!

Is it possible to add a few seconds of my own video snippet to VideoMakerFX? For example you would have an image or two then a snippet of a car driving for a few seconds. Can this be done with VideoMakerFX? 

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