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None of my photos can be scaled ?

only the photos I was given in the program 

I would suggest sending a support ticket with complete details as to the problem so the Support Desk and provide you with your much needed assistance.

Hello Dannsirs,

Some themes have the "scale and aspect ratio" enabled, other's don't VideoMakerFX would automatically adjust the scale and aspect ratio of your images if the options were disabled on the themes. Just make sure that your image or background image don't exceed to the maximum size that VMFX would accept which is 1280 x 720. 

If you have any questions, just contact us!

I'm having this problem too!!

What themes DO have the 'scale and aspect ratio' enabled??

Hi Jim, we don't have a list of those slides where the scale and aspect ratio were enabled. However, our developers are still currently working on an update to the software. We have tested some of the feature and one of it is the ability to adjust the size of the images on every slides. Not only that, it has the ability to zoom in and zoom out as well as rotating it. We can't give you an ETA of when it will be available. Just wait for our announcements on your members area. Hopefully it will be release and available pretty soon. Thanks!

I'm having a similar problem,,,,can't adjust the size of a pic of myself to fit...all that is seen is my hair. :(

Any updates?

 Hi Mary,

Please submit a Support Ticket so we can further assist you.


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