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Poor Customer Service

So far I've been unhappy with the lack of communication & customer service here.  Would another customer be able to convince me that this is a rare occurrence or are the issues I keep reading regarding log in codes not working a common issue.  At this point, even if I'm doing something wrong on my end, it seems unreasonable to have to wait days for a response.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

To ensure that your logins are working, you can try it on the Members Area.

If you are able to login there but not on the VideoMakerFX software, it means that your security software is blocking the program from communicating with the authentication servers.

In this case, we would advise you to add the application to your security software's white list. You may have to contact the vendor for support on how to go about this. You may also disabled it to log in and just re-enable it once the process is done.

Ben I was still awaiting the answer to my query!

Hi Earl,

We have already responded to the 3 support tickets you've submitted.

Have a great day.


This doesn't address the specifics of the content of this thread (but does address the title) ... my experience has been great. Submitted a ticket and got a quick answer back even on the weekend.

Although I'm still have some 'technical problems' we found a work-around to my issue and the staff is looking into a permanent solution.

Thanks for a great piece of software and for being so responsive.

Every time I asked a question, no matter what time, I got a uber fast response and a detailed solution.

Best online service I've received so far, along with the Easy Sketch Pro folks.

They seem to want to build a business on authority and reputation, they're off to a good start.

Keep up the good work guys!

I am not able to export the video after I build the slides in my project. And the other day I tried to purchase pro themes pack, but I throws up an error. Nobody is able to resolve this error. I wanted to buy the pro themes pack along with the software. I was successfully able to purchase the software but not the pro  themes pack along with it. Thats like buying a Ferrari with no Engine. Yep, its a Ferrari, but got no engine. It does not work, its just sits there and costs me money.

Is it only me? or anyone else here face a truck load of bugs and technical glitches in this software. I lost my cool on many occasions !


 I have just purchased this program and customer service is now becoming an issue for me as well! I have serious issues with how some of these slides that are supposed to make it easy to do things like whiteboard hand writing slide but the slide when rendered or previewed is clearly too slow and does not finish what you have typed in to be displayed!! It would be nice to have a real person with knowledge to talk to or even chat with in order to see if this slide can be fixed or improved. It would be much better to have the animations time dependent on the text and simply have it go at a certain pace until the message is delivered. That way you have consistency in how the video is presented and displayed. As it is the handwriting is very slow and the message gets cut off because the it writes to slow! 6 seconds should be the total length for this slide with the actual writing being 3 seconds total. 50 to 70 characters can be displayed in this time frame very effectively if the hand moved faster!! But this doesn't mater because there is nowhere other than her to make any kind of statement or logging a ticket which is a waste of the tech supports time. There should be some kind of chat room to deal with these kind of glitches. I am feeling like I just got ripped off with all the hype on this product and the basic slides that got me interested in it don't even work!!!!

Hey Richard,

Each video maker is good at certain things. 

Video Maker FX isn't good for white board scribble videos.

Easy Sketch pro is far superior, because is focuses only on doodle.

Then you can import that doodle video into VMFX and make a killer video.

Video Maker Fx is what you use to get a variety of styles that can be edited such as Kinetic Text, Animated Character, Product or Company Promo's, etc . . 

To do proper videos you will really need Power point, Video maker fx, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia, Audacity, Adobe After Effects, Handbrake, Color Cop and XMind for your scripts.

I hope this helps. If your style is only Doodle, then Easy Sketch Pro is better, but don't limit yourself and get both. You'll be doing you and your customers a great service.

If you need assistance, just contact us via Live Chat or send us a trouble ticket. We will make sure that we will resolve all your issues in a timely manner. 

Thanks to Ben, he resolved the issue in no time... Two Thumbs up for him!!!

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