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Voice Over & Slide length

Hey There! 
I´m a new VideoMakerFX User and I am totally amazed. This is exactly what I was searching for a long time.
But I´ve got 2 questions:
1. When I record a off-voice, the slide-preview slows down. So I can´t synchronize my voice with the slides. Has anybody else this problem? Is there a solution?
2. When there are slides with changing and disappearing text-areas, how can I slow all of it down? If I delay the slide let´s say 5 seconds, only the LAST text-area lasts 5 seconds longer, but not the whole slide. The problem is that the first of the text areas disappears too soon to read it completely.

Thanks for your help

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Hello Jgmventures,

You can always uninstall version 1.05 if you want. You can install the 1.04 version. You can find it on your members area,, just scroll down and you will find the link to download the previous version.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

Is there a checklist or step by step on how to use Audacity, iMovie or Camtasia? Is anyone out there doing this that can advise or help with this?

Len, you need to contact each of those software's support team so that an instruction can be given to you on how to use these software.

I have the same problem on 1.04 so don't go back to it. You have to use a 3rd party program

Is there a way to export individual slides so they can be imported into 3rd party video editor that can do voice overs??

Hi Jim,

As of this time the software does not have the function to export individual slides. However, you can create a new project to add a single slide, then export. This is the only way that we can export slides individually for now.

Any progress on this issue?  The VFX software is not very useful to me if I have to use a third part software to record the voice over!!

I'm sorry to say that VFX software is a dud!! It's been over a year to fix this problem and NOTHING has been done. Does anyone know of other software like VFX that does what it was suppose to do? Sorry folks but you are a disappointment.


Kindly open a support ticket so we can discuss how we can help you resolve your current issues with VideoMakerFX.

Our most recent version has already fixed major bugs and our upcoming version is aimed to streamline the software even more.

When I try to download the video and voice to utube, the voice and video are not synced up. There isn't a way to use a voice over that works with the video.

Have just rendered video on VFX  v 1.1 but sync issues between voice & frames is very diff to sync. Have tried multiple multiple times on multiple machines thinking somesort of processing issue but my COREi7 machine still exhibits sync stuff.

. Same thing. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

Hi Glen, 

Instead of adding the voice over under Audio Settings you can record a voice over to a slide individually. Here' are some screenshots for your reference:

This is recommended if you wish to sync the voice to the sliding text.

Has this issue, first raised five years ago, been resolved yet?

I purchased the software yesterday (7 January 2019) - version 1.1 - and have the same problem described by those before me.

I spent a long time amending the delays on the slides to sync the video with my voice recording, only to find that the two no longer sync once exported.

Please can you respond with the resolution?

I look forward to receiving a response

In light of the problems experienced above I recorded individual voice overs for each slide then added each audio file to the relevant slide.

Unfortunately, once exported, the audio files play over one another, rendering the video useless.

Can anyone recommend a fix for this?

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