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Voice Over & Slide length

Hey There! 
I´m a new VideoMakerFX User and I am totally amazed. This is exactly what I was searching for a long time.
But I´ve got 2 questions:
1. When I record a off-voice, the slide-preview slows down. So I can´t synchronize my voice with the slides. Has anybody else this problem? Is there a solution?
2. When there are slides with changing and disappearing text-areas, how can I slow all of it down? If I delay the slide let´s say 5 seconds, only the LAST text-area lasts 5 seconds longer, but not the whole slide. The problem is that the first of the text areas disappears too soon to read it completely.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your message and we do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

We encourage you to please submit a support ticket so our techs would be able to further assist and investigate the issue for you.

Thank you.

I have the same problem. The slide sequence and recorded voice do not sync. The voice over is important.

I am having the same problem with the slide delay and video. I have not tried recording audio yet but I suspect I will have the same problem you guys are having with that too. Did support every get this cleared up for you? It's been 11 days ago since I see this in the forum. 

Having the same problem. Trying for days to troubleshoot this issue but to no avail!


Yep me too having the same problem, which makes usig this software difficult to say the least. Glad I've got Camtasia as well otherwise I would be stuck


Yes me too. Can any one from the team give a reply to this ?

I'm having the same problem

I also have problem where slide and voice are not in synch.  Tried extending and shortening length of slide, but nothing workd

I sent a support ticket and the reply came very quickly.  They simply acknowledged there is a problem with the delay function of the slides when background music or voiceover is used.


Please give people the courtesy of saying you are working on the problem and hope to have it corrected in about ____ Days,weeks,months or not going to correct the problem.


For bugs and fixes, feature requests or suggestions, we can't give an ETA in order to avoid expectations, however, all your reported bugs, requests and suggestions are currently listed on our logs and we have forwarded these to our developers for fixes. We appreciate your patience and we will update you as soon as possible.

Hi Guys over the past two weeks I have reported same glitches and have been fobbed off with "fixes" that dont work either which consumed much of my precious time. You have made your money from us and we cannot even begin making ours because voiceovers are needed in our Sales Videos. when are you going to fix this. Give us all a repair date.

Yes, we are aware of the issue about the slide-voice synchronization whenever users do voice recordings for their project. We have received several reports from other users as well and it seems that this has only surfaced when we released the version 1.05. What actually happens is that the preview on the voice recording window plays at half the speed during recording. So when the time you finish and you export the video, you'll see that it plays at the normal speed therefore throwing the supposed audio recording off track.

We're currently consolidating all reports regarding the issue. Peter and the team are working around the clock to investigate what might be causing the issue as these did not actually appear during beta testing.

For the meantime, what we can recommend is the use of third party applications like Audacity, iMovie or Camtasia. Best way around it is to play the preview on VideoMakerFX while doing the recording on the third party applications. Yes, we're aware that this may be a hassle to some users but this is the temporariy solution we have for the moment.

Rest assured we're doing everything we can to fix the issue and to release an update as soon as possible. We only request that you please bear with us for the meantime.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Is there any way we can go back to 1.04 until you fix this problem. My videos are now on hold.

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