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Easy to Mix and Match Slides - Here is My Example

I used VideoMakerFX to create my first video in just a few hours.

This is a book trailer for an eBook of 7 short stories in the erotic lesbian romance niche:

I used 9 images (.png and .jpg) and the book cover image. All images were licensed from istock.

I started with VideoMakerFX version 1, but then updated to version 1.04 (update highly recommended). My configuration was: version 1.04 with ProThemes and VideoProfitFX on Windows 7.

After I reviewed EVERY SLIDE available, I tested out the ones that I thought would work. I tried various combinations of slides and had to "work around" some limitations and hiccups. Overall though, the software was exactly what I needed and I am very pleased.

Here is a recap of the 12 slides that I used for the video:

Slide 1 - Opening image of book author, based on: Photo showcase 1, center image focus

Slide 2 - Close up of image used on book cover, based on: Photo slide set 1, basic image zoom. (this was a workaround since the book cover image would not fit properly)

Slides 3 thru 9: each slide represents a story in the book and background color is book cover color. All 7 slides were based on: Text effect 1, slide 03 with image.

Slide 10 - summary slide about book and web site, based on: Fun Presentation 1, fun presentation slide 1. I love this slide which actually shows 4 different screens.

Slide 11 - recap with image of the book cover, and web site url, based on: Text effect 1, slide 15 with image.

Slide 12 - credits for copyright/licenses, based on Text effect 1, slide 09

For the audio, I only used track 1 and one of the bundled songs: Living the Good Life. I added a 2 second fade in/out.

For exporting the project, I used the default settings of 1280x720 HD, Average Quality.

This was also the first time that I uploaded a video to YouTube.

Here is a key YouTube Tip:
Once you publish a video, MAKE triple sure there are no errors.
You CANNOT replace a published video when you find an error.
You can upload a new video and delete the first one, but you will lose all the views and the assigned link.

Thanks again to the VideoMakerFX Team! I look forward to the monthly updates.

Hi Darla,

Thank you, you did a wonderful work there sharing your experiences with VideoMakerFX.

I'd also suggest that you join the VideoMakerFX Facebook Community by going to the link below:

More power. :)

Greetings Darla,

I will be using this as a tutorial for a project I am working on. Kudos!

Cheers. - Big Frank


Hi Frank,

Thanks for letting me know. I am always open to feedback, good or bad.
I would be interested in seeing your project when done, if you are able to share.

Have fun,


Greetings Darla,

You know I will. As soon as it's done, you'll be the first to see it.  :-)

Cheers. - Frank


Darla, nice job! Impressive that it was your first time posting to YouTube, also. One question: what were the resolution of your images, please? Thanks!

Hi Katie,
Thanks for your encouraging words.
My graphics had a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.
I wanted the images and video to load quickly.

Have fun,


How do I join the videomakerfx facebook group?It is a closed group

Log into your facebook account, and follow the link above from John Erickson.
Since I am already a member of the group, the join group buttons are not displayed to me.
However, I think you might find them on the Videomakerfx facebook group page, in the graphic header area. On the lower right of the header graphic, there may be a Join Group button.
OR, there may be a  green button with white letters +Join Group just under the header graphic

When you click on a Join Group button, it sends a message to Peter Rozak, or his designated admin.

When they approve your membership, you should receive a message that welcomes you to the group.

If none of the above works, and a week goes by, then you might want to submit a support ticket to get their attention.

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