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Using the FX Lead Generator I see many sites that are not mobile enabled.

The question is how do we enable mobile for the client? Looking for answers for both.

With Wordpress?

Without Wordpress?

I see many WP sites from the leads that are NOT mobile enabled so I am wondering what others are using for that solution as well as non WP sites.

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I have the same question.  Where do we get taught how to do Mobile sites please?


I believe the worpress themes will say if the theme is mobile ready - just pick one of those to use and you should be good to go!!


This means the website isn't ready for mobile, it means it needs development or a new design for it to be mobile ready, the website won't display correctly on a mobile device and it's a business opportunity for you :)

You can offer this customer a design or new WordPress theme that would make their website mobile ready, but of course it's up to you.

There are a lot of programs available to optimize existing sites for mobile. Some are rather expensive, and others are very affordable.
I use one of the more affordable one at the ICANetwork.

Hello there Dale,

You can also check out this blog by going to the link below:

Thank you..

Hi Dale and Hi Barb as well,

I am using a so called mobile detect and redirect script.
When the visitor comes to your website this script is checking which device is being used.
If it is a mobile or tablet it automatically redirects the visitor to the mobile optimized website.

I usually don't suggest using so called 'responsive themes' since mobile visitors are in a different mindset compared to the traditional pc- user. If the user is in emergency (think towing a car) they need a Tap to call button instead of a nice description who is the owner and when was the company founded story. Second reason is to scroll and zoom in on the small mobile display simply makes the visitor leave the page and find a competitor with a mobile friendly webdesign. Also important search engines will rank results differently which means mobile optimized websites rank above all other websites (if they show up at all when you search for your keyword on a mobile device).

Please feel free to check this functionality by visiting the website below first via pc and compare how it looks on your mobile (German Driving Instructor Website, one of my happy customer):

If it is a WP- website I have a plugin to install, any other systems will work with the script (php or java based) that has to be part of the source code of the landing page.

You'll also be able to find nice mobile optimized examples here.

If you'll get prospects for this feel free to contact me here so we can talk about it in detail.

Wish you success while having fun.

Talk soon