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ProThemes Add On Membership



I just purchased the prothems but I cannot access. Can you please help?

This is my paypal email:


You've signed up for preapproved payments plan with JVZoo .

To view the details, log in on the PayPal homepage, go to your Profile, and click Preapproved Payments. Then click JVZoo:PA-36T02558LD521935J.



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Update, my issue was solved. Make sure you bug support, 

 Ask for a manager review. Don't sweat the details money to be made!

Mjhbiz, same here.  

Hi Sylvia,

We have responded to the Support Ticket you've submitted previously and it seems that there was an issue with JVZoo regarding your purchase.

I just want to ask if your issue have been addressed already.

Thank you.

Once the monthly payment is made, will the new formatted slides drop into the master file at Video Maker fx

Hi Len,

Thank you for your message.

Once you have purchased the ProThemes Monthly Membership, you can download it from the link below:

Just run the file you have downloaded and make sure to install it on the same folder as your VideoMakerFX.

Once you open up your VideomakerFX, these themes can be found on the "Add Slide" button, and it starts with the name "ProThemes".

Thank you.

is it a whole new program or just a bunch of files?


We paid for access and it was granted. Now we no longer have access to PRO Membership but we did not cancel or change the membership fee. Paypal says there was a error on processing through JVZOO and Paypal and it was not created correctly. 

Your support department does not know how to fix it and Paypal has now escalated it to a dispute. Paypal say the amount has to be refunded and then re-ordered assuming the link is working correctly.

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