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Allow themes and animations from third parties

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Why is the audio from Video clips not allowed?

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your comments.

First, we cannot immediately use themes and animations from other applications as they are proprietary to the software they came bundled with. We'll have to first make arrangements with the developer of those applications and we all know that's a lot of work and still not guaranteed.

Second, if you use external Video clips, it will only import the video. Music and voice overlay can then be done during the duration of the video or of the project itself. Importing the sounds from the video might be a little bit too complicated as it will also import the audio codec and then we'll need a decoder on VideomakerFX to make it possible. It's really a bit too complicated for now and we want to make sure that VideoMakerFX remains user friendly and easy to use.

If you guys have more suggestions, we suggest that you send them to our developers using the Suggest Features link provided by Peter above.

If you're having any issues, please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Thank you.

Biggest limitation with this software:

We should be able to place images where we want on the slide and images should be scalable.

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Being able to add in an "8 mm" type effect on sections of video would be very cool.  Is that possible to add easily?

Hi Glenn,


The images are actually scalable by using the Scale slider. However, these are pre made slides that doesn't support image placement yet, as it might mess up the coding of the different slides especially the ones with the animations.

Hi Mike,

We suggest that you send those ideas over to our developers by using the suggestions link Peter provided above so that they could look into it. :)

Keep em coming guys. We appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hello Peter Roszak could you please help to resolve the problem I am having in being incorrectly blocked from purchasing VideoMakerFX  Thanks!

Hello Earl,

We already sent a reply on your ticket regarding your attempt to re-purchase our product. Peter has been notified about it as well.

Thank you for your interest in VideoMakerFX.

Just one question: after buying VideoMakerFX and the extra scenes, I still haven't found the specific scene I need - is it possible to have a scene "custom made"? Because I cannot draw at all...

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Hey guys

Loving the software but is there any chance of either making the music tracks longer and allowing us to edit the length for the videos or having a loop system in the audio section please?

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A slide with no movement for any image (positionable) so we can cut to that for simple animation.. Example hand places image of a frowny face then images changes (the next slide) to a smiley face. This would appear as an animation and has to be super simple to do as it would just be a blank slide with no effect only a positionable graphic.

I think these four simple additions/changes can open many more possibilities for us:

Whiteboard 1) being able to choose  which direction the hand on the place image slide comes in. Top, left, right, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right.

2) On the Large image only slide being able to control the length of time of the slide. This would allow us to put up one second slides and do a simple key frame animation. For example slide on could be a frown, two a smile and three a wink. Played in sequence the characters face would animate.

3) On the hand place image slide being able to turn off the exit effect. This way the hand places an image and the image stays on. This would tie in nicely to the above suggestions being able to animate it or to go to another slide with an animate background. Giving the effect that the hand places an image and then the image moves or animates.

4) Being able to have an image enter, stay or exit onto the screen by itself with speed control. Having say a rocket enter the screen from the left and move to the right or another object coming from bottom to top or top to bottom would open up many more possibilities.

If I had to choose from all of the above it would be the large image slide time change. That should be ridiculously easy for you folks as it would be just offering a slide you already have with one second or a half second instead of four. This would allow for some great custom animations.

The Bonuses contained the package called "Videomakerkickstartcomplete". It looks pretty cool and would be extremely useful, but how do I change PNG files with VideoMaker's product? 

Is there any chance to change the text in these graphics? 

Best regards,


I suggest that the audio settings provide for continuous looping of the first sound track. If the background music doesn't last long enough to cover all the slides, it makes the project appear unprofessional. One could search for longer sound tracks, but that can waste a lot of time and still not do the trick. The simple solution seems to be to just restart the audio file specified in the first track.


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