Version 1.04 Released

We have released Version 1.04 of VideoMakerFX. Which resolves the following issues

- Rendering issues and freezes on most systems and configurations

- Ability to save a project "As"

- Moved projects, exported videos and voice records to "My Documents/VideoMakerFX" on Windows or "Documents/VideoMakerFX" on Mac

If you installed any add on slides on Windows these slides should appear provided the add on slides weren't uninstalled. On MAC you will need to install the add on slides again using the same process as shown in the slide installation video and read me which is included with the download.

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Hello there,

I cannot find information on how do I get it?

I am a little panicking, because I made a nice video today, now I am trying since 3h to export and it is all funny....It is 1 am now, I am sleepy and need it tomorrow, so in 7h from now for a conference...:-(

What can I do???

Where is the update and what do I need to do with it...?

Hope it than helps all the problems... (pics are not in the right format...) - otherwise is there a list somewhere of what the formats of pictures should be? I had a little video in the end, that does not render at all:-(

Thanks a lot


You can get VideoMakerFX updates from the Members Area (

As of the moment, we are now on version 1.05. This fixes a lot of issues on the earlier versions.

You can directly download them via these links: -- for Windows -- for Mac

You need to login, of course, to do that.

Is there an ETA for the next release -- to fix all of the bugs that keep us from actually exporting videos where the audio syncs with the video?

Hi Brad, 

As of the moment, our latest version is the 1.05. We don't have an ETA for the next upgrade yet. Hopefully this will be available possibly in the future. If you have an issue with audio syncs and exporting issues, please submit a trouble ticket to support so that a resolution can be given to you.

We appreciate your business. If you have any questions, just contact us!

Has there been a release to fix the audio sync issue?

Daniel, please submit a trouble ticket to support and we will assist you with a workaround that could resolve this issue. Thank you!

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