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Updating VideoMakerFX To Be Compatible With The New MAC Catalina OS Update.

When can customers expect to see a compatibility update for VideoMakerFX for the new Catalina OS Update with Mac? I cannot access my software or any of my purchased pro themes, and I rely on this product for my video making. Support says an update is coming, but won’t say when it’ll be available. That’s just seems like unacceptable customer service. Where’s the reassurance that my investment in VideoMakerFX was a smart move?

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I have the same problem. After updating my Mac to new Catalina OS I cannot access anymore to the software. Could you please inform us on when an update will be available? 

I have same issue. If you are not going to do it, please advise so we can find another provider

Any word on the update? 

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Nothing but radio silence.  I’ve sent several emails to support, and all I get is lip service that an update is coming, but with no date given as to when we can expect it.  Pretty crappy customer service, and shows me that they really don’t care for their customers, just for their money.  I don’t know when they will ever plan on updating. 

Since I updated my Mac to Catalina I can not open the program!!!  Your website claims it works on all Macs, which is not true since this ios update.  That is considered false advertising!!!  Get the update for us, we all have been waiting way too long now!!! 

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Totally agree with the above. What a load of BS . . . 

One reply told me to "just use a different computer".

What really frosts me is that they can give NO idea when they will have the fix . . . if ever.

Super lame.

How can you be clever enough to develop/sell software but not be able to manage the updates?

It’s looking pretty obvious that now that VideoMakerFX has our money, they don’t really care about us or the product they sold us.  They apparently don’t monitor these forums, because they have no response to our issues.  Looks like we have to look for another software product that can maintain itself with updates.  Best believe that this company has lost a loyal customer, and it’s now my duty to make sure that none of my friends or website co-owners never EVER buy from this company again.  Pretty shady business practices for sure!

I filled out a ticket about this and got an email reply as shown here 

Yes, I received the same comments/email from Sheen. He did nothing to help me out with this problem.

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Anyone got any luck with the above issue? it's a year now that I cannot use the product I purchased on my Mac. What should I do?

If it didn't work for Catalina they should have said it, I lost 27 dollars... SO SAD and bad customer service 

It does not work for catalina and I need a refund. I bought the version from 2014 and it worked. I bought it again the other day, thinking it was an update or I had to and it doesnt work.

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When will the update with MAC Catalina be ready? Many of us want to use this software that we purchased. Please advise ASAP!

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