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Re-downloading VidoeMakerFX

Hi, I bought VidoeMakerFX a few years ago now and it has been installed onto my computer for years, but I reset my computer and I lost it. Is there any way I could download it again?

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New update to use on MacOS Catalina. Thank you

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Same here!

yup! i lost everything since I installed Catalina! and it says there's no product purchased!, can anybody tell me what to do?

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Same here! Support just says a compatible version is being worked on, but won’t say when it’ll be available. I need this software to be working.

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can anyone tell me, i bought this software and still now received password-
is it scam ???

Download software for iPad or Mac Catalina

Hi Robert Edsel Young.  Thank you for your post.  Are you saying there's a new download that is compatible with the latest update of Catalina?


Robert Edsel Young - Don't think that's correct information you've posted.  I have Catalina 10.15.4 loaded, but the re-download of Latest Version 1.1 is not compatible with this new version of Catalina.  Not sure why you'd want to get someone excited like that, but thanks anyway. 

My question was is there a update for mos Catalina ? Don’t know what you thought you read

Same here..I have macOS 10.15.5.. says this videomakerfx is not compatible with this version. I installed 1.1 on my mac. Please help me to find where I can find the compatible version for my macos.

Contact them and they will send you iMusic to replace it

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