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VideoProfitFX Lead Finder 1.2 Software Not Working

VideoProfitFX Lead Finder 1.2 Software Not Working from a long time , it used to work as i'm webmaster proposing services for business people to build wordpress sites. Sadly it's been a long time it stopeed to work , it's time to update the software and make it run again and by doing so you will generate more money for your own , well do something about it ;) WAKEUP PLEASE !



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Hi Sam

I had the same trouble but i emailed them a while ago when I realised this was happening.

They are up to 1.5 now - 1.2 was quite some ago now.

1.5 is working on my Mac - just tested it now.

If you email them then i am sure they will give you the same guidance. 

I can't find the link they gave me to download from otherwise i'd try and share - sure they will though.



Hi Tony, 

where is the 1.5 version? 

I can not seem to get  mine to work at all. 

Thank you

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