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VideoProfitFX language?

I am asking if VideoProfitFX support the arabic language text element..

can i type Arabic language in text bar or slides ? 

Hi Daniel, please submit a ticket regarding your issue so we can resolve the issue. 

Yesterday I realized the purchase of VideoProfitFX, download VideoProfitFX Lead Finder 1.2.jar app and it is not possible to enter a REQUEDT_DENIED me could help please.

Any plan on adding Thai's letters too?

VideoMakerFX and VideoProfitFX will only support the western letters and English alphabet letters. It will not support languages like Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

 bangla text problem


VideoProfitFX is composed of slides for additional use with VideoMakerFX, as such, it can only support Western Alphabet/Characters.

Thank you.

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