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Change Slide Length/Speed


I should be able to adjust the length of the slide, thus changing the speed of the graphics. Especially speeding up those ridiculously long 6 second slides!

I do not understand why this is not an integral part of the program.


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 Great software, but how in the world do you change the length of a slide without having to copy/paste and start over again? This has to be fundamental. Plus, how do you slow down the beginning, where you can add a slight delay and fade in? When you click "play" on a video, it launches right in with no ability to add a delay. Maybe I can add a black slide with length of 1 second to solve this. This software has a lot of potential, but there are tons of bugs, glitches, and shortcomings. I'm glad I did not buy any of the upsells. I think $47 is fair for what I got, but definitely not worth any upsells until the bugs are fixed. I should have read the reviews first. I think a lot of this should have been disclosed to me before I bought.


Unfortunately, it's not possible to shorten or decrease the time frame duration on a slide. You can increase the time frame duration by adding slide delays to it but not possible to shorten or decrease it.

Not possible because the developers of this program may not be actual developers but more of salesmen...Worst program Ive ever purchased and so far no use for it as well

That's too bad. It has a lot of potential, but I would agree that they don't have much on the developer end. I'm using it for simple videos and getting some use out of it for marketing materials. But I'm glad I didn't buy any of the upsells. I would have been upset.


I will say there email marketing is on check lol...Now daily I receive atleast 9 emails from JVZoo telling me the next new " all you need " software and providing me most valuable tips over things I already know...What a rip off lol..

All a bit sad, I am trying to create an online help file, no idea how to add text to a slide if I need more than is created. It does not need to be fancy at all - will keep digging.

 I +1 what

Roger Williams

started a topic over 2 years ago
said, and many others: It is technically utmost easy to allow users to fasten/shorten slide shows. And so this should have TOP PRIORITY for Peter and his developers.

However, I disagree with some views here ("not much of a developer", "ripoff" etc), that's unfair:
Look, this sw DOES make video production VERY EASY for ANYONE, and that's an achievement that nothing else I know of offered at the time (or even now?).

Whether or not those videos can be considered "unique" or "high quality" is subjective. Certainly for MANY cases this product is nothing short of awesome. But not for all cases, nothing is.

So if you aren't fair to the developer and owner, it won't help getting those FURTHER improvements you desperately need (and me too). Right?

Now, I do believe there must be an easy way to make videomakerfx videos totally unique, with own animations, own avatars, etc. I have looked into the source code of the slides, but couldn't yet figure out how. I am sure one day someone will figure out. Eg
- how to replace avatars pics
- change their movements
- change speeds
- MIX & MATCH "slides" from different "themes" (lacking, very odd!)
- etc

The sw definitely has A LOT of potential in my opinion. Unfortunately I am not a developer who can implement the ideas I have for this sw...
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